Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hogzilla down!

We had one hell of a hunt this morning!! We hit the ground running this morning and were on top of the ridge in the dark and searching for the pigs. We started walking down a ridge towards an area that has had a lot of sign the last few times I've been to the ranch. We had walked close to a half mile glassing into the draw when Hogzilla showed himself! At first glance I knew the pig was big, and we had him at 200 yards.  After a quick discussion with Patrick he wanted to get closer so off we went. We started to close the gap and lost sight of the pig for awhile. I knew we would be close when we saw him again so I had Patrick turn his scope down to 3X and lock and load. As we started to crest a small knoll I knew the pig would be close and sure enough there he stood at a mere 42 yards! I got Patrick set up on the shooting sticks and told him to go ahead when ever he was ready. As he eased the safety off the pig heard it and looked up but went right back to feeding. Within a few more seconds Patrick touched the trigger. At the shot the pig took off side hill at full speed. No tell tell slap was heard and the pig never even buckled so we weren't sure if he was hit or not but Patrick said the shot felt good. We quickly got on the trail the pig was using and could see his dig marks but not a drop of blood. We stayed on tracks for 150 yards or so when we looked up and there he lay, down for the count or so we thought! As we approached the downed pig I could see he was still breathing so I racked a round in my .45 and was just about to hand it to Patrick when all of the sudden the pig was on his feet and coming straight towards us!! It was now or never, I drew down on him and started shooting, hitting him in the head 6 of 7 shots before he collapsed at our feet! It was damn exciting and an experience I am sure Patrick won't soon forget. The pig ended up being a big boar, 300+ pounds with 3 inch cutters. The best part of the whole thing was Patrick's 6 year old son and father got to watch the whole stalk unravel through binoculars. What a great hunt and an impressive trophy.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Safflower Plots

The safflower that we planted is looking good! We planted two different areas this year so that we will be able to accommodate more hunters for the long awaited dove opener! It's never too early to start thinking about the September 1 dove opener. If you'd like more information or would like to get on the books give me a call at (530)682-3176.   

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Time to start thinking about salmon!!

Just a quick reminder to call and get on the books if you're interested in a prime date for the fall salmon run. I will start in late August and go through September and possibly into October depending on the run.