Monday, April 30, 2012


Today I guided Larry on a turkey hunt. We got to the hills and set out to find some birds in the roost and get set up. I blew the trusty crow call and almost immediately we had a gobbler answer and he was close. We snuck in to a small meadow and got our decoys out a began the waiting game. As the sky began to lighten the birds became more vocal and as the gobbler left the roost he flew down and landed within shotgun range but we wanted him closer so we let him come on in. He was drumming and strutting all around the decoys and Larry couldn't take it any more so he put the hammer down. It was a perfect shot and Larry was soon standing over his first turkey. The turkey was a real trophy sporting double 9.75" beards and spurs just over an inch long. It was a great hunt and I couldn't be happier for him!


Friday, April 27, 2012


Today I guided Pete and Sara for stripers. We launched at Ward's and headed down to the Red Sea and put the minnows in the water. It did not take long to start catching fish but alot of them were shakers. We got a couple nice ones for the box and then the boats showed up so I decided to head up above Colusa to try and get away from them. We headed back up stream and as soon as we got above the Colusa boat ramp we got away from the boats and found a bunch of fish. We made pass after pass with minnows and caught fish after fish. The best part of it was we had no other boats around us. We kept limits of nice sized males and called it quits around 11:00 AM. It was a great day on the water and it sure was nice to find a place with fish and no other boats. Hopefully it will stay this way!


Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today I guided Dan and Dustin for stripers. We launched the boat and headed back down stream, to continue where I left off yesterday. Again the fish were there but appeared to be a little freaked out by all of the boats as the bite was not wide open like it had been the previous days. We were seeing plenty of fish on the screen and catching some but only a few of them wanted to bite. We kept searching and soon found better action a little further down stream, and were able to fill the box with some nice sized keepers. Again it was another good day on the water with plenty of action.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Today I guided Keith, Jerry, Tom, Sean, and Kevin for stripers. Again we headed back to the Red Sea and the fish were still there, not as many as yesterday but plenty. We started drifting minnows and in no time it was fish on! Again it was lots of double hookups and non-stop action. We worked our way down as far as Lupe's Bend and had action at each and every stop. We ended the day catching roughly 25-30 fish with the majority of them being nice sized keepers. It was a great day on the water and the boat pressure was not to bad. I will be back after it tomorrow!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I guided Walt, Deborah  aka "Linda", and Tom for stripers. We launched out of Ward's Landing and headed down to the Red Sea. As soon as we put the minnows in the water I looked at my fish finder to see arches all over the screen. Before I could say anything to the client's it was fish on and we had a double hookup. Before long all 4 of our rods were doubled over as we had found a huge school of fish! We made pass after pass thru the fish with the same results. We had multiple double hook ups today and even a few quadruples. It was fast and furious action and by 9:30 we had boated over 30 fish and headed into the dock to get their limits cleaned. The fishing is as good as it gets right now and I have been having a blast. Hopefully the action will continue.


Monday, April 23, 2012


Today I guided Dave, DJ, Allen, and Denise on a striper trip. We launched out of Ward's and headed down to the Fox Hole and started fishing. At each stop we caught a few fish, some of which were shakers but as we made our way down stream we finally got into a big school of fish and the action heated up. We made pass after pass and ended up filling the box with nice sized males for the table. All of our fish were caught on minnows today.


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today I guided Rich Mccoll on a turkey hunt. We headed up into the hills and set out to try and find some birds in the roost and get set up. I blew the crow call and had several gobblers respond so we headed into the direction of the closest bird to get set up. We moved into a nice little meadow and put out the decoy and got set up and started calling. Almost immediately the tom gobbled back and I just knew when he left the roost he would come right to us, boy was I wrong. When the tom flew out of the tree he headed right toward us but we watched in amazement as he flew right over our heads and continued down the canyon! That was a first for me, I have never seen a bird fly that far after leaving the roost. That set up was blown so we grabbed the decoy and headed in the other direction to find another gobbler. Within minutes we had a gobble and the tom was headed our way. The tom came in to 15 yards and Rich put the hammer down! The tom ended up being a real trophy sporting an 11" beard and 1.25 inch spurs. This was Rich's first turkey and I bet it will not be his last!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today I guided Carl and Linda Greve for Stripers. We launched the boat at Ward's Landing and headed South. We started fishing at the Red Sea and continued working our way down stream. At every stop we managed 2-4 fish and continued fishing our way all of the way down to Lupe's Bend. We caught around 20 fish, all of which were keeper sized males before calling it a day. The boat pressure was alot lower and made for a more enjoyable outing.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today I guided Geary, Robin, and Craig for stripers. Again we launched at the Colusa State Park and headed up stream. We started off at Tuttle's Pump throwing a black rubber worm and the action was non-stop for the first hour. As soon as the fleet of boats hit they killed the bite and the fishing got tough. We begin working all of the nooks and cranny's with minnows and continued to catch a fish here and a fish there. We ended the day with a box full of 20 inch fish, but they will be good on the table. I will be headed South tomorrow to see if I can get away from the boats. My Phone got wet and did not save the picture, so no photo today. Sorry guys!!! 


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This Afternoon I guided Dan, Jake, Kurt, and Camryn for Stripers. We launched the boat at the Colusa State Park and made are way upstream hitting all of the likely spots. The first couple of stops did not produc any action but as we neared Tuttles Pump we started to get into the fish. We were trolling with Yozuri deep divers tipped with a white grub and the fish seemed to be liking them. We worked our way up river catching 4-5 fish at each stop until we found the mother load at 7 mile beach. As soon as we started up the bank we had an imediate double hookup and as the other two guys started to reel in their lines to get out of the way, they both hooked up. It was a crazy few minutes with fisherman going every direction trying to keep the lines untangled, but we eventually won the battle and had 4 more nice sized keepers in the floor of the boat. We threw them back and made pass  after pass up the bank with the same results, FISH ON!! We continued to fish and landed close to 50 fish of which all but one were in the 3-5 pound range. Kurt hooked a 15-20 pounder but it shook the hook right at the boat. It was a great day of fishing and all of the guys had a blast!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This afternoon I took Regina and the kids out on the river for a scouting mission. We launched at Ward's Landing and headed South, stopping at all of the usual spots on the way down river. The fishing was pretty slow until we got down around the Red Sea and then things started to pick up. At first it was just a fish here and there but we ended up finding a nice school of fish and it was game on. We were drifting minnows down and then turning around and trolling back up. Each pass resulted in multiple hookups and before long we had boated over 20 fish, of which we kept 8 for the box before calling it a day. It was a great trip and Regina and I had a ton of fun watching the kids hook and land their own fish. Hopefully the fishing will just continue to get better!


Monday, April 9, 2012


Today I guided Stan and Conor Prolo on a turkey hunt. We got to the ranch before day light and headed up the ridge to sit and listen for the first gobble of the morning. Just before legal shooting light the gobblers started going crazy and we headed for the closest one to get set up. We walked up the ridge and got the decoys set and started to call. Almost immediately we had 3 or 4 gobblers answer back and our set up was looking good. Within minutes we had turkeys gobbling all around us and we could hear them walking in the brush at close range but they never showed themselves. We gave it a half hour and then decided to regroup. We loaded up in the ranger and headed further down the valley to see what we could find. As we drove along I spotted a hen walking down the road so we bailed out and headed in her direction to get set up. As soon as I got the decoy out I hit the call and we had gobble break out within 40 yards of us, so I called again and within seconds the gobbler was at 10 yards and closing. I told Conor to get ready and as soon as the gobbler cleared the brush Conor laid the hammer down. As I watched the gobbler go down I looked over to find Conor on his back. I guess the turkey loads pack a little more punch than he was use to, but he was all smiles. After a quick photo session we headed out to try and find another turkey for Stan. We had heard some more turkeys gobble and as we moved in on them it happened quick as a big Tom showed himself at 30 yards but just didn't give us the shot we were looking for. We then headed further into the ranch and heard gobbles almost everywhere that we stopped but we just could not get them to come close enough for a shot. The birds went silent around 10:00 and we just could not get them to respond anymore so we called it a day. It was a good hunt with alot of action and by the sound of things this morning there are plenty of Tom's, but I think they are pre-occupied with their hen's. As soon as they get them bred they will be out searching for new girls, so I think the turkey hunting should only get better as the season progresses. Both Stan and Conor were great guys and we had alot of fun. This was Conor's first hunt ever and he handled it like a seasoned veteran! 


Monday, April 2, 2012


Today I guided Scott Seidenstricker from Reno, Nevada on a pig hunt. We hit the ranch at first light and right off of the bat spotted a large group of pigs working the top of a ridge but before we could get on them they made it into the brush, never to be seen again. I decided to go and check a different area of the ranch where I had been seeing alot of activity and as we crused along on the Polaris we spotted a lone boar but again he gave us the slip. By now it was around noon so we decided to take a break for a couple of hours before heading out again. We started back after the pigs around 3:00 and around 5:00 I spotted a lone boar making his way across a flat. We took off on foot in hot pursuit and in a matter of minutes we closed the gap and Scott had the boar in his sights. The boar was quartering away as he walked along the trail and when Scott was ready I gave the coyote howl and the boar froze in his tracks. Scott made a great shot and the boar went a mere 50 yards before piling up. A quick look at the old warrior showed scars and ripped ears as well as some 2.5 inch cutters. This boar was a true trophy and weighed around 300 pounds. It was another great hunt with Scott and this was his biggest pig to date. That one will be hard to top!