Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Salmon

This has been the salmon season full of ups and downs! No consistency to the fishing and you never know from day to day what will happen. We have spent plenty of time on the water and had a lot of fun! We have even caught a few fish.....most of them being silver bullets! I don't know what the future of this run will hold, but I can tell you that the drought definitely isn't helping things. Let's just hope for a wet winter and maybe things will get back on track!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Idaho Archery Deer

Our long awaited yearly  archery deer hunts was a blast as usual! We look forward to this hunt each and every year and its never anything but fun! The typical cast of characters joined this years hunt as Regina, Big Shot and Myself left California on September 6TH and made our way to camp to meet the world renown Tom Unsworth! Tom had the camp spot all dialed in when we got there and before long everything was unloaded and its was on to beers and bullshitting about the next mornings hunt! Tom had been in Idaho a week prior to our arrival and had spotted some bucks of interest so we set out at daylight to try and make something happen! The first morning Tom went one way and us the other to try and bed some good bucks to put a sneak on. We saw some good bucks and blew some stalks the first couple of days but it wasn't until day 3 when Regina put the hammer on a nice 4 X 4! Tom had seen as few bucks hitting a water source at last light a couple of days prior and Regina said she wanted to sit the water hole and see what happened. I dropped her off a half mile or so and she headed in to set up. A couple hours later I got her call on the phone saying she had stuck a nice one and wanted us to give her a hand tracking the buck. Tom, Big shot  and I made our way over to her and she was on blood and had found her arrow so we joined in on the search. Just before dark we found the buck in his bed and Regina slipped another shot into him to seal the deal! She was on cloud 9, as she had just harvested her biggest archery deer to date! We were all smiles and I couldn't be more proud of her! She came up with a plan, put it in action and made it count when the opportunity presented its self. After searching high and low the next morning

Big Shot decided he wanted to give it a try at Regina's water hole that evening. We dropped Big Shot off and sent him on his way and we went to go look at some other areas. Just after dark we got a text from Big Shot saying he had a buck down! While not the biggest buck on the mountain  he made a hell of a shot at 92 yards and had a nice meat buck for the freezer!

The next day we searched high and low to find a good buck as I was content with going home empty handed. We saw a few bucks that morning but nothing of real interest. It was about an hour before dark when we spotted a small buck. The buck was 52 yards uphill and facing us with his chest pointing directly towards me. This is a shot that gets discussed a lot and gets a bad wrap from other archers but I have practiced it and wanted to see its effectiveness on a mule deer. I drew, settled my pin just on the left side of his breast bone and let it go. The shot was perfect hitting exactly where I was aiming, passing completely thru and burying into the dirt behind the buck. He ran a total of 40 yards and collapsed, game over! Upon further inspection the broad head had entered on one side of his heart and exited  the other. It was a perfect shot and one I wouldn't hesitate to take again!

We had to leave the next morning to get home but Tom had a few more weeks off to hunt so we headed west and he stayed to see what he could get done. After several days he found a buck in a good spot and made a good stalk. As the buck rose to his feet Tom put one right behind his shoulders at 82 yards! He gave us the play by play via text message and headed home the next day with meat for his freezer!

Another successful archery hunt in the books! I can't wait for next year

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1ST dove opener

The kick off to bird hunting season has come and gone! While it wasn't the best opener we have ever had it ended up ok. The morning hunt was super slow with the colder temperatures and the birds choosing a different route than they had used the previous days when I was scouting. The afternoon shoot proved to be much better and the guys who stuck around had good shooting!