Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Regina and I decided it was time to start a replacement dog for Gauge as he is 8 years old now so we bred him to our female Splash. Splash had the puppies on May 21ST and they are now a little over 5 weeks old. She had 11 black pups, 6 males and 5 females. As of right now we have 3 females and 2 males left available. The males are $500 and the females $600.

Both Gauge and Splash are excellent duck and pheasant dogs. They are great around the house and very personel as well as calm. If you are interested in a puppy let us know and we can send you some more pictures or a copy of their pedigrees. 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today I guided Jim Fee and John Huntsman for pigs. We started hunting at first light and no more than 10 minutes into it we had a big boar walk out into the road in front of us, so I slammed on the brakes and the guys jumped out of the ranger but the boar headed down the canyon never to be seen again. We then headed up the hill and as we rounded the corner a 120 pound sow crossed the road in front of us so Jim bailed out and put the hammer down! He made a nice shot and was soon standing over his pig. We quickly gutted and loaded the pig and then went in search of a pig for John. We searched high and low and eventually ran into another group of pigs. The pigs were across the canyon so we set out on foot to try and close the gap. We closed the gap to 200 yards and John got on the sticks and ready to shoot. We had to reposition a couple of times to get a clear shot but we finally got set. At the crack of the rifle the bullett flew right over the pigs back, never to be seen again. It was a close call but they pig got away unscathed. It just goes to show that you can't kill them all.


Friday, June 22, 2012


Today I guided John Iacopi on a pig hunt. We started out this morning with cooler weather and figured that the pigs would be out and about, but for the first couple of hours all we could find were deer. Around 8:00 AM we spotted a couple pigs feeding on a ridge so we headed towards them on foot. As we were getting close enough to take a shot they disappeared into the brush never to be seen again. We looked for them for quite awhile and even tried to do a push but they eluded us so we went on our way. As we neared a water tank I caught a glimpse of black legs moving through the brush headed up hill but never did relocate that group either. At this point it was starting to get warmer so we headed into a deep canyon to see what might be layed up in the shade. We spotted a big group of pigs that were 400-500 yards off so we put a plan together and headed their way. As we got close to the little pocket that the pigs were in we could hear them squealing and breaking brush so we crept up and looked over the edge. The pigs were in the brush so we had to move around to get the shot angle that we needed. We could see 12-15 pigs so John picked out a nice boar and smoked him with his trusty .270, it was a perfect shot. The boar weighed around 130 pounds and will be great for the table.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today I guided Travis Cloyd on a pig hunt. We hit the ground running right at first light and started working the lower brush country where I had been seeing some pigs. We looked the area over but where unable to find anything out moving so we headed up the hill. We worked the upper part of the ranch and were working our way back down towards some water, but as we rounded the corner, there they were! There was a group of 4 adult pigs in the 100-150 pound range and a line of piglets, so we picked out a nice dry sow and Travis let her have it! The shot was true and within seconds he was standing over his second pig ever. He made a great shot, so we took a few photo's and got to work on the gutting and skinning as it was starting to warm up. All the work was done by 10:00 AM and they had the pig loaded and headed for the butcher. Travis is becoming quite the killer, so I am sure you will see him on the blog again.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today I guided Trevor Carr for pigs. We hit the ranch at first light and started looking over the lower brush country with no luck, so we moved on. I had seen a nice group of pigs up in a brushy canyon on a scouting trip last week, so we went in search of them as I thought I knew where they were living. We parked the ranger and started walking up an old road that paralleled a dry creek bed with lots of brush in it. As we neared the top of the draw we had yet to see anything so I told Trevor we would hike up the ridge and get on the other side of the creek bed with hopes that the slight North breeze would blow our scent into the brush and get the pigs moving. We had only gone 100 yards up the ridge when all of the sudden we could hear pigs grunting above us. Trevor caught his breath and we headed up the hill to try and locate the pigs. As we went over the next rise we could hear them plain as day and knew that we were right on top of them. Our view was obstructed by some manzanita so we stepped to the left and finally got into the clear and got a good look at the pigs. There were 4 sows in the group as well as a bunch of piglets so we sat patiently and looked for a dry sow. Within seconds of spotting a dry sow the pigs turned and headed straight for us, they were now 25 yards and closing! Trevor took a rest on a tree and as the dry sow came into the opening a mere 5 yards away he smoked her! At the shot she dropped stone dead and then came rolling right past us towards the bottom of the hill. We stood still and watched as the other pigs walked right by us at less than 3 yards and then made their escape into the brush. After a quick recap of the hunt we walked back out to go and get the ranger. As we rounded the last corner before we got to the ranger we looked over and spotted another group of 8-10 pigs working their way up into the same drainage. It was a great hunt and having pigs that close to you always makes for an exciting one!


Friday, June 8, 2012


Today I guided Kyler Bonnett on a pig hunt. He was the lucky drawing winner from the SBSA (Sutter Buttes Sportsman's Association) fundraiser. We headed to the ranch at O' dark thirty, and were ready to strike as soon as legal shooting time came around. At legal shooting light we headed towards a large reservoir on the South end of the ranch that I had been seeing some sign near. As we rounded the corner I spotted a pig feeding on some wild oats so I slammed on the brakes and we jumped out of the ranger and headed it's direction. As we exited the ranger I told Kyler to go ahead and put one in the chamber quietly as the pig was only a few hundred away. As he tried to get one in the barrel the gun jammed so I gave him my gun and we went on our way. We closed the gap to a little less than 100 yards and Kyler got set up on the sticks and ready to shoot. The pig was facing away but finally turned and gave us the shot we were looking for and Kyler laid the hammer down! He made a perfect shot hitting the boar right behind the ribs and exiting right behind the front shoulder, as the pig was quartering away from us. The pig immediately hit the ground, flopped a couple of times and jumped back to his feet and ran his last 50 yards dash before falling over. Kyler was nothing but smiles and as we looked at our watch realized he had just taken his first big game animal ever, in less than a 20 minute hunt. It was definitely short and sweet!