Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I finally got all of the duck hunting stuff cleaned up and put away, so I figured it was time to get the boat out and ready to fish! I had been hearing decent reports of some sturgeon action so I figured I would load up Regina and the kids and go check it out for myself. We launched the boat at Ward's landing and headed South to one of my favorite spots. We checked out the hole and got anchored up and and the waiting game started. After firing up the barbeque and feasting on hot dogs, it got dark and the waiting game ensued. I checked the baits every hour and the baits were coming in as they had been put out, but there just wasn't anything biting. As it neared midnight I finally gave up the watch and put the rods in the holders and hoped I would wake up to the sound of the clicker screaming as a sturgeon swam off with the bait, but it never happened. I re baited the rods several times that night but it was much of the same, no bites. At 6:50, I re baited all of the rods and casted them back out with fresh bait. I had not sat down for a minute when I looked over and saw Regina's rod bury down. She grabbed the rod out of the holder and gave it a quick hook set, FISH ON! I quickly got the other 2 rods out of the way, and the fight continued. Regina had the fish to the boat 3 different times but each time it saw the boat back down it would go. Regina fought the fish to submission over the 15-20 minute battle and before I knew it I had the fish nused and laying in the floor of the boat. We quickly put a tape on the fish to make sure he was legal, and indeed he was. A beautiful 54" sturgeon for the box. Upon landing Regina's fish we re baited and fished until about 10:00 AM, but did not get any more action. With sturgeon fishing you just never know when or why they bite but when you are lucky enough to get a sturgeon on the line I can assure you that it will be a fight that you wont soon forget.

We will be fishing sturgeon from now through March on the Sacramento River and have plenty of availability if you would like to get out on a trip of your own, don't hesitate to call. There is nothing like it!