Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lab Pups!

 My dog Gauge has sired another of litter of pups that were born on 4-15-14 and will be ready for their new homes on May 31ST. As of right now we have 3 black males available for $500 each. If you are interested give me a call at (530)682-3176 and I will put you in touch with my buddy who has the pups!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shakers, Shakers, and More Shakers!

Today I had Captain Jack and his grandson gauge on the water! Again we launched out of Tisdale and started working our way down stream. At each and every spot we got bit but the bulk of the fish were shakers! I don't know where all of the keepers disappeared to so quickly but I think I'm going to wrap it up for the season. We ended the day with around 18 keepers and 2 shakers. Lots of action but not enough size to keep me entertained!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ladies Day on the water!!

Today was ladies day on the boat! I met the gals at Tisdale and we hit the water running! I went back up river and started where I had left off on Friday but the fish weren't there so we went in search of them! As we worked our way down river we were getting bit here and there but a lot of the fish were just bug eyeing the minnows and letting them go! Finally we got a solid hookup and Claudette soon had a nice 6 pounder in the box! The very next pass Claudette hooked into another and landed another keeper, she was done!! We continued to work the area to no avail so we moved on!! As we continued our way down stream each of the gals hooked up some shakers and a few more keepers, ending the day with 4 nice fish in the box and several shakers released!! We had a blast today on the water, and the ladies were a lot of fun!! I look forward to getting them on the water for salmon in the next couple months!!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fire Repair Has Started!

 Our ranch was badly burned in the fires of 2012. The fire swept up the canyon from highway 16 and decimated roughly 4500 acres of prime habitat on the ranch! Since the fire was out I have been working diligently to whip the ranch back into shape slowly but surely, as time and conditions would allow. Today I started the fencing project to repair all of the fence on the ranch that was destroyed during the fire. When all said and done we will have replaced roughly 54,000 lineal feet of 5 strand barb wire. Prior to starting the installation of the new fence I have run all the old fence lines with the dozer so that we can now access the fence at all points, which will make the installation much faster. I hope to get all of the fence repairs completed by the end of 2014 so that we can go full speed ahead with our pig hunts moving into 2015!!  

Friday, May 16, 2014

Quick Limits!

Rick Sr., Gavino, and I hit the water with a bang this morning. Right off the bat we were on the fish and it didn't take long to fill up the box!! We ended the morning with 6 keepers, a bunch of shakers, and even turned back a 10 pound hen that looked like she still had a ways to go before being ready to spawn! We were done early and back to the task at hand, as I had to install some new plastic on the trailer runners before the boat got and more scrapes in the side of it. Some how the plastic had busted off and I never even noticed  it, but it did one hell of a number on the side of the boat making the aluminum razor sharp!! I guess there is some buffing wheel time in my near future.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Steady Bite on the river!

Back on the water and still in the fish! Today I launched at Tisdale with Mark and Gary and we made short work of the fish! At each and every stop it was fish on!! We had to wade through the shakers but had plenty of keeper sized fish come over the rail and even broke off a big one that we never did get to see. Another solid day of fishing!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Birthday Stripers!!

Mark and Karen's little boy Owen, wanted to fish for his birthday, so off we went! We launched at Tisdale and started working our way down river. I was marking fish here and there but they were being stubborn and didn't want to bite but we kept after it and finally got some to cooperate. We landed a total of 3 keepers and a whole bunch of shakers, and lost several others. It is amazing the amount of short strikes and  bug eyed minnows that we have had in the last few trips. Lots of short strikes and missed bites.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Plenty of Fish!!

I decided to go look at some different water today so I launched the boat and headed up to Grimes. We started drifting at the bottom  of Lupes Bend and worked our way all of the way back to the ramp, hitting all the good spots along the way! We were inundated by shakers today but caught the occasional keeper as well. We had 3 nice keepers in the box by 8:00 AM, and had several more to the boat that just didn't want to stay on! Today Brad was the first one done and Leo had several keepers up to the boat but just couldn't close the deal!! In the end we had a great day on the water and boated alot of fish!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Striper Still on the bite!

I launched out of Tisdale again this morning with Dave, Lawrence, and Bill and hit the same routine, minnows down and start drifting!! It didn't take long for Dave to get on the board and the other guys followed suit! We had a great day on the water with lots of fish caught, several missed bites, and a couple that broke us off in the trees. About mid day Dave pulled a bunch of bananas out of his bag and I just laughed, I guess the old bad luck banana wasn't the case today!!    

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back at it!

This morning I had Dave, Greg, and Chuck in the boat. Again we launched at Tisdale and started working our way down stream drifting minnows. At each stop we would get a fish or two and then move on to the next one. We went as far as Kirksville Road today and caught fish in all of the usual spots on the way down. We ended the trips with limits of schoolie sized fish and a bunch of shakers!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Time Ranch Work!

It's that time of year again! Spring has come and gone too quickly this year, as it's already getting hot and dry in the hills!! Each year before the ground dries out, grasses get too dry, and fire danger becomes too high, I clean up all of the roads on our hill ranch. This year we graded 52 miles of road in 4 days and the roads turned out great! There is not a single road on the ranch now that I couldn't drive my pickup on!! Sure makes it a lot nicer getting from point A to point B when working and hunting on the ranch!  This is just another one of my duties as the land manager for the tribe, and I really do enjoy my time up in the hills regardless if it's work or play!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sacramento Stripers Still On The Bite!

I launched out of Tisdale this morning with Carl, Linda, and their trusty labradoodle! We started directly below the ramp throwing rubber worms and Linda was the first to hookup, putting a nice 7 pound male in the boat! We threw the worm for awhile longer and then switched over to minnows and started working our way down stream. We went as far as horseshoe bend today and caught fish all of the way down.