Monday, March 29, 2010


Today was a first for me. I took Larry Headington of Fairfield, California out on a pig hunt. While I have guided many pig hunts in the past Larry was going to attempt to take a pig with a pistol, chambered in 454 casul. We started the morning looking for some pigs in a good location to put the sneek on. After a failed attempt to sneek up on a couple pigs I headed for the brush in hopes of pushing some pigs out to Larry who would be waiting. Just as planned the pigs were in the brush patch and came out right on the trail within 20 yards of Larry. Larry made the shot and the rest is history. The pig that Larry picked out of the bunch was a nice sized meat hog weighing roughly 125 pounds. It was a very different hunt for me as I am used to guiding rifle hunters, but the end result was the same. Another happy hunter!


Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today I took Nick and Dave out on the Sacramento River for some sturgeon action. We departed from Ward's Landing in the early afternoon with hopes of hooking a striper or two before setting up for the night. We got in a slot below Meridian and it was not 10 minutes into fishing when my pole loaded up and I set the hook. The fish started head shaking and pulling line ,however, it only lasted a few seconds before the un welcomed long line release happened. The fish was obviously a big sturgeon and with the light striper tackle was no match, oh well there is always next time. We continued to fish through the night without any more sturgeon action, but we did end up with a couple 22" keeper striper's that Nick took home for the dinner table. It was a good night with good company even though the sturgeon action was non existent.



Today I had the pleasure of guiding Keith and Susan Honeck of Alamo, California for pigs. They were great client's and we had alot of fun searching the hills for a suitable speciman. We saw a big boar that slipped away right at legal shooting light, and then ran acrost a herd of roughly 15 pigs that we were able to sneak up on. With the wind in our face we were able to work our way down to within 20 yards of the unsuspecting pigs, and Keith wacked a nice 175 pound sow for the table. All in all it was a great day in the field and client's like Keith and Susan are what makes this job enjoyable.