Thursday, October 24, 2013


Today I guided Mitch, Steve and Scott for ducks. We got into the blind and there were a few birds flying despite the clear and calm weather. As shooting time came we went to work on the birds picking one off here and there. As the morning sun grew higher the flight sort of diminished, but we stuck it out until 10:00 before calling it quits. We ended the morning with 10 ducks and a token coot that came decoying in and caught Scott off guard!! Not a bad hunt for no weather.


Sunday, October 20, 2013


Today I guided Rich, Chris, Tom and TJ for ducks. Since I had blown all of the ducks out of the wetland yesterday I figured we would give the rice a try. We got into the blind and there were quite a few birds flying. As shooting time came so did the ducks and we were off to the races! The guys were shooting good and not too many managed to escape their gun fire! We called it quits at 10:30 with 30 ducks and 1 speck on the strap. Another great day in the blind with a great group of guys!!


Saturday, October 19, 2013


This morning I guided Dave, Cindy, Michael, Matt and Gary for ducks. We were hunting the rice near Delevan refuge and there were lots of birds around. The shooting started off red hot and slowed a bit as the morning went on but we still had a great shoot. We ended the morning with 21 birds on the strap and let plenty of others get away with just a scare! It was alot of fun and great to be killing ducks again!



The long awaited duck opener finally came and we had a blast! We had water and we had birds, lots of them!! Today I guided Brian, Mark, Beau, and Drew at the wetland. The morning started out with ducks all over the place and and ended the same way. As duck after duck fell to the guys guns we had alot of laughs and before long we had a full strap of 35 ducks consisting of mallards, sprig, widgeon, and of course some token spoons!!! As the last duck fell we began packing up our bags when I looked up and spotted 4 specks crossing the wetland, a few quick calls and the birds circled and headed our way. After a little scrambling around we had our guns loaded again and watched in awe as the 4 specks came in feet down at 10 yards!!! The guys made short work of them and we were soon slipping them onto the strap. Those specks were icing on the cake as we ended a great hunt!!!


Saturday, October 12, 2013


I conducted my last salmon trip of the season today. We hit the water and headed right back to where I left off yesterday. Once again the first pass resulted in a few bites before we finally hooked up and landed our first salmon of the day! We went right back after them and were getting bit but couldn't manage to keep them on. We lost several fish and the bite slowed down so I headed up stream to check another one of my go to spots. The lures no more than hit the water and it was fish on, but before we could do much it was fish off! We made 3 more passes and landed 2 more fish before calling it a day! Not red hot but a great way to end the season with some happy clients.


Friday, October 11, 2013


Back on the water today in search of the big one! In the boat today were Nate and his son Cole, who was celebrating his 8TH birthday and all he wanted was a big salmon! On the first pass we gave Cole the lucky lure and got him dialed in on how to back troll. As luck would have it I was bit 3 times and finally got a hook into one and handed Cole the rod. It took him awhile but he battled the fish to the boat and into the box, he was one happy kid! Nate was the next to hookup and land another salmon, it was a jack and Cole made sure to let us know his fish was bigger! We stayed after it and had several more bites but couldn't get a hook into them. I decided we needed to change it up a bit so we went to the bank to tie up some fresh lures. As I was getting the lures out Cole saw one in the box that he thought would do the trick so I tied it up for him. When we were all rigged up we switched to bigger weights and headed to the deep water. We started in a 35 foot deep hole where the fish usually lay and just sat there letting the lures work. Within a few minutes we hadn't been bit so we slipped back a little bit and little Cole yelled "fish on"! I looked over and sure as shit he was hooked up! The rod was bent and the real screaming as the big fish headed for the middle of the river. Nate and I coached Cole through the battle and he fought and landed the fish all by himself. When the fish hit the net Cole was nothing but smiles! You couldn't have knocked the smile off of his face with a sledge hammer and all he could say was "look at the big bastard'! It was funny but after a couple times his dad had to remind him that he probably shouldn't be using that kind of language or his mother may not be too happy with him. It was a geat day on the water and Cole got his birthday salmon! Happy Birthday Cole!!!!



Thursday, October 10, 2013


Back on the water again today, and there were plenty of fish biting but we had a hell of a time keeping them on the hook! We made pass after pass and kept getting bit but they would start the head shaking as soon as they were hooked and before long the weight was gone and the plug would go back to working. I've tried a million different tricks in the past but have found they either stay on or they don't! We stayed after them and managed to box 2 fish. While they weren't the boggest ones in the river the quality was second to none!


Monday, October 7, 2013


Another great day on the water! We launched in Hamilton City and headed down stream in search of the fish. Our first two stops had no fish so we kept on searching. When we hit old faithful we dropped in the kures and it didn't take long to see that the fish were there! In the first pass we had 3 bites and finally hooked one and fought it into the net! We went right back to it and pass after pass the fish were coming into the box. By 10:00 we had hooked 9 or 10 and landed 6 that went into the box. The fish were of great size but not the best quality. They cut ok and fought to beat hell, so we were happy campers.