Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today I guided Butch Davis and Jim and Nadene Haynes for stripers. We met at Ward's Landing at 5:30AM, launched the boat and headed down stream. We stopped just below Lovey's and started worming the banks, but could not get bit so we switched over to minnows. We started drifting at the Red Sea and it did not take long for Butch to catch the first fish, a nice keeper for the box. We began working our way down stream and caught fish every where that we stopped all of the way down to Lupe's Bend. The fish were very active and it seemed like we had to weed out all of the 16"-17.5" fish out of each spot before we could catch the keeper fish. We had several double hook ups today and even a couple of triples. Most of the fish were under sized but we stuck with it and managed to get 8 nice keepers for the box. In total we landed roughly 40 fish today and the action was non stop. The best part of the whole trip was that we never saw another boat on the water all day, we had the whole river to ourselves. Another great trip with some great client's.


Friday, May 27, 2011


Today I guided Richard Russell and Robert Hawthorne for stripers. With the water on the rise in the Sacramento River I choose to head over to the Feather and see how the action was. We launched at Boyd's Pump and headed downstream. We started working the sand bars and within a few minutes we had fish on. We made several passes down the same bank worming and were catching 3-5 fish a pass. We caught 15 fish on the worm before the boats moved in on us and we headed down stream. We then switched over to minnows and caught a few more fish before calling it a day. All of the fish that we boxed were nice fish in the 3-5 pound range. It was a great trip and we got off of the river just before the rain set in. I will be back on the Sacramento River as soon as the water cleans up.


Monday, May 23, 2011


Today I guided Doug Goldsmith and Don Sims for stripers. We met at Ward's Landing, launched the boat and headed down river. We stopped at the Fox Hole first thing and started worming. We caught 3 fish on the wall but they were all short so we kept on going down river. We wormed a couple of more places but the fish would not bite the worm so we switched over to minnows and started drifting. We started to pick up a fish here and there and just kept working our way down stream. Every stop we made resulted in a few fish but as we neared Lupe's Bend all hell broke loose. We could not keep a minnow in the water for more than a few minutes without a bite and we managed several double hook ups. The majority of the fish were in the 17" range but we did manage to catch 6 for the box. Out of the 30+ fish that we caught today only about 10 of them were keepers. Again it seems that what we are lacking in quality this season we are making up in quantity. Another great trip with steady action. When it came photo time I found out that the camera had a dead battery, so no pictures today. Sorry guys!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today I guided Joe and Chris Hoon on a pig hunt. We started the morning in one of my favorite glassing locations but it was un productive so we moved to another. Minutes after sitting down we spotted a group of 7 pigs making their way towards us. We got set up and the waiting game began but some how the pigs pulled a Houdini on us and we never saw them again. We waited on these pigs for over an hour before heading into the next canyon. We had not gone a mile when I spotted a lone boar feeding under a oak tree 500 yards away. We quickly came up with a plan and the race was on. We took off on foot and quickly closed the distance to 125 yards where Joe made a great one shot kill dropping the boar in it's tracks. The boar was roughly 150 pounds and should be great for the BBQ, just what he was looking for.


Friday, May 20, 2011


Today I guided Micki, Terry, Mitch, and Brett for stripers. I decided that the Sacramento River should be clean enough to fish so I headed to the Colusa State Park to see if I was right. We launched the boat and began working our way up river stopping along the way to anchor up and bait fish. We were getting bit every where that we stopped but the fish were not hanging on to it long enough to hook them. We ended up catching a few shakers and Micki hooked and landed a 12 pound hen that was released after a quick photo session. By the looks of things we are only a day or two away from the fishing starting to pick up again over on the Sac.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today I guided Wayne, John, and Dennis for stripers. With the water rising on the Sacramento River, I decided to head over to the Feather River with hopes that it was stable. We launched the boat at Boyd's pump and started working our way down steam with the rubber worm. It was evident that the water had dropped a couple of feet over night so we headed further down stream in search of the fish. We started catching fish around the Bear River and continued to do so all of the way down to the Nichoulaus Bridge. There were a ton of shakers once again, however, we weeded through them and ended up catching some nice fish for the box. The biggest fish of the day was a 14 pound hen that was caught by Wayne and then quickly released after a photo. It was another good day on the water, but the amount of boats over there fishing is ridiculous. I will be returning to the Sacramento River as soon as possible, I just can't take the mad house!   


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This afternoon I guided Dan and Salene Mayberry on a striper trip. This morning the water was starting to rise and get muddy but I thought we could pull off 1 more trip before it was too dirty. We launched at the Colusa State Park and headed up stream to see what we could find. We stopped at several spots and drifted minnows but were not seeing much action. As we worked our way through the hole Salene hooked and landed a nice keeper sized male and then another that was a 12 pound male. We worked our way down to Ward's Landing before deciding to call it quits. Dan and Salene just wanted to get out and catch a few fish to eat, so we headed in. The river is supposed to rise 4 feet in the next couple of days and then recede and stabilize. Hopefully this will be just what we need to bring another run of fresh fish up our way. We will just have to wait and see what happens.


5-18-11 (AM)

This morning I guided Dick Bosio and Bill McClure for some striper action. We met in Colusa at 5AM and headed for Ward's Landing. We launched the boat and headed down stream and started worming the rock walls. At the first stop we caught 6 fish and Bill landed a nice 8 pound male for the box. We continued to work our way down stream catching a few fish at each stop. After the fish quit biting the worm we switched to minnows and started drifting. We worked our way down as far as Lupe's Bend and caught a couple of fish at almost every stop. We kept 8 nice fish for the box and headed in around noon. There were alot of shakers again today but as long as you stick with it the keepers are there.


Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today I guided Dan Todd, Chuck Nuchols, and Greg Adams on a striper trip. Kent Danjanovich came along as well to get some more video footage. We met at Boyd's pump at 5:30 AM and headed down stream. We started worming at the mouth of the Bear River and picked up a few fish as we worked our way down stream. When the worm bite slowed down we switched over to minnows and began drifting below the Nicholaus bridge. We drifted from the bridge down to beer can beach catching fish the entire way down, but just 1 here and 1 there. When we got to the bottom of the run I would fire up the big motor run back up to the bridge and then make another drift. We did this several times and by 11:00 AM we had our limits. There were a ton of shakers today and we caught roughly 50 fish to get 10 keepers for the box. The guys had alot of fun and we got some great footage for the video. The fish were not the biggest but kept the guys busy all morning, and will be great for the dinner table.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5-11-11 (PM)

This afternoon Jake, Kent, and I headed over to the Feather River to see what we could find. We launched at Boyd's Pump and headed down stream. We started drifting minnows just below Tayler's Pond and caught a fish here and a fish there all of the way down to the mouth of the Bear River. However, from the Bear River down to the Nicholuas Bridge the action heated up and we caught another 15-20 fish on both minnows and trolling Yo-Zuri deep divers. We would drift from the Bear down to the bridge and then troll our way back up. The fish were scattered all over and not schooled up but we did manage a few double hook ups on the minnows. As it neared dusk we switched over to the rubber worm and started working the banks. We found a little wad of fish just below the Bear River and caught another 15 fish on the worm. Kent hooked into a nice fish the first pass and ended up landing the biggest fish of the day, a 15 pound hen that was released. We had a great day on both rivers and the story will be printed in the July issue of the Sportsman's News paper that is available at the Sportsman's Warehouse stores.


5-11-11 (AM)

This morning Regina, Carl, and I fished with Kent Danjanovich from Sportsman's News Productions. Ken was out here capture some footage of our striper fishing for an up coming video that they will be producing and selling at the Sportsman's Warehouse stores across the West. We met Ken at 5 AM in Colusa and headed to Ward's landing. We launched the boat and headed down stream worming in all of the likely spots. We were able to catch 10-12 stripers on the worm and then we switched over to minnows. We drifted minnows from the Glory Hole all of the way down to the old Tisdale boat ramp and managed to catch another 15 fish. There were alot of shakers caught and we landed 10 keepers between the 4 of us, however, we only kept 4 fish as we were planning on heading over to the Feather River in the afternoon so that Kent could see all of what our local rivers have to offer.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today I guided Greg Baker and Jay Wright for stripers. We met at 5AM and headed to Ward's Landing and launched the boat. We headed downstream and hit all of the same spots as yesterday but it wasn't until we got down below the Red Sea that the action picked up. We found a school of fish and began working them over with the rubber worm. We made pass after pass along the sand bar and ended up landing 30-35 fish of which over half were shakers, and the keepers were mainly in the 19"-24" range. What the fish were lacking in quality, they made up in quantity. It was a great trip and the guys had a blast.


Monday, May 9, 2011


Today I guided Brett Nystrom and Philip Purser for Stripers. We met in Colusa at 5:00AM and headed to Ward's Landing. We launched the boat and headed down stream to the Fox Hole. We grabbed the worming rods and wormed our way down the bank catching 6 fish the first pass, of which 3 went into the box. We went back up and made another pass and caught a couple more shakers before heading down to the Red Sea. We worked the whole bank on the West side of the river and had a couple of hits, and Philip landed a nice 12 pound male for the box. We continued to work our way down stream and caught a fish or two at almost every stop, but it wasn't until we got below Pierce's dock that the action heated up. We worked the shallows below Pierce's dock and caught another 15-20 fish of which most were keepers. We kept the rest of our limits and headed in. The fishing was fantastic and there seemed to be alot less shakers biting today. Hopefully the run will remain strong thru June.


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today I guided Bobby and Cora Bill for stripers. We launched at the Tisdale Boat ramp and headed up stream towards the Winship pumps. We started throwing the worm and Cora was the first to hookup, landing a nice 5 pound male. We were picking up a fish here as we worked our way down the bank. About half way down the wall we got into a school of fish and started catching 4-5 fish a pass in a 100 yards section of the wall. We just kept going back and fourth along the section of wall and ended the morning with 20-25 fish. We kept 6 fish for the box that were between 8-12 pounds. The big fish of the day was a 15 pound hen that was released quickly. It was another great trip and these guys are always a blast to fish with.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today I guided Bob and Cora Bill for stripers. We hit the water at 5:30 and made our way down stream to the red sea. We started worming where I had caught the fish yesterday but they were not there so we made our way further down. We hit a couple more spots with no luck so we kept on moving. As we were floating our way down to the next spot I saw the fish boiling in the shallow water so we slipped in on them quietly and started ripping lips. Bob was the first to hook up and Cora and I were closely behind. We caught 7 fish the first pass of which 3 were hens in the 8-12 pound range that we quickly released, so we could get back to fishing. We went back up and made another pass and hooked a couple of more fish before some idiot decided to drive his boat between us and the bank right over the top of the fish. The moron hit bottom once and then gunned it blowing a nice stream of sand out of his jet. Needless to say he killed the bite so we went on the hunt again. We caught a few more fish as we worked our way down. When we got around the Winship pumps that action picked up and we boated another 10-15 fish before calling it a day. All in all it was a great day on the water and we had alot of fun.


Monday, May 2, 2011


Today I guided Doug Goldsmith on a striper trip. We hit the water early and started working the banks with the rubber worm. We got into a nice wad of fish at the second stop and Doug immediately had a nice 8 pounder in the box. Upon closer inspection we realized it was tagged as well, which is kind of like a band to the duck hunter, a rare treat. We kept on fishing and had several short bites and landed another 5 fish before we moved on. The next spot that we stopped at was again loaded with fish and we caught another 8 before the fish spooked. We again went on the hunt and in no time at all we were hooked up again. This spot produced another 6-8 fish, of which 3 more went in the box and we headed in. We were back at the launch by 11:00 AM. There were alot of small fish today in the 16"-18" range and are likely the culprits for all of the short bites. There are plenty of fish out there and plenty of time left to get on the water this season, so don't miss out. Give me a call at (530)682-3176 to book your trip, before it's too late!!!