Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today I guided Bryan Valencia of Modesto, California on a pig hunt. We met in Maxwell at 4:00 AM and headed up to the ranch. Upon completing the necessary paperwork we headed to a point that over looks the North end of the wheat field and awaited legal shooting light. At first light it was evident that this was going to be a quick hunt as we could see pigs feeding all over in the wheat field. At this point Bryan said he would like to shoot a big boar so we began looking for the biggest pig in the field so that we could get set up for a shot. We located what looked to be a 250-300 pound pig standing along the creek feeding and we were off. As we peered over the bank and down into the creek the pig was within 40 yards but turned out to be a huge sow that was just about ready to have piglets, so we let her go and went to find another. As we were working our way back South a big boar cut across the field in front of us but never gave Bryan a shot before he went under the fence and into the neighbors property. We looked back into the wheat field and saw a group of 10 pigs working there way right to us and there were 2 definite shooters in the group. As the pigs walked by at 50 yards Bryan put the hammer down and the bigger of the 2 boars fell dead in his tracks. Another quick and successful hunt for Bryan. This was his second pig hunt with us and he has yet to go longer than an hour with out killing a pig. Some guys have all of the luck!


Monday, July 19, 2010


Today I had the pleasure of guiding first time hunter Joshua Anton to his first kill ever. This was Josh's first time in the field and for a rookie he did an exellent job. It was apparent that he had done his home work and was prepared to go on this hunt. We started the morning sitting on a high vantage point overlooking the wheat field. Within minutes of beginning to glass we spotted a lone boar working his way towards the pond for his morning drink, so off we went. As we were closing the distance on the boar we were suprised as another group of 15 pigs rounded the corner and came down the same trail as the boar. We worked our way into 100 yards and Joshua got set up on the sticks and ready to shoot. He was zeroed in on the boar, but had to wait for him to present a shot as he was walking directly away from us. At 200 yards the boar turned broadside and Joshua smoked him with 1 well placed shot from the trusty .270. We then began our hike back up the hill to the ranger so that we could go recover his pig. We made our way down the hill on the ranger and as we went by the pond 6 more big pigs stood up and headed up hill. These pigs must have came around the corner on the same trail as the others while we were walking back up to the ranger. There was definately alot of activity this morning, and a great first hunt for Joshua. If you want to get out and get a pig of your own give Casey a call at (530)682-3176, as I know we have some openings in the coming weeks.


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today I guided Richard and Christian Jajeh from San Bruno, California. We met at the casino and headed to the ranch. We went up the hill in the dark and got set up with hopes that we would catch some pigs working up a very well used trail in an area of the ranch that had not been hunted for a week. At 6:00 AM we had a lone boar walk right up the trail to us and Christian hammered him at 70 yards. The boar ran down hill and piled up in a ravine so we just sat tight hoping another group would show. At 6:30 AM I looked down towards the pond and spotted a group of 6 pigs headed in our direction, so Christian got on the sticks and prepared for the shot. Within minutes the pigs were within 60 yards of us and Christian picked out a nice sow and put the hammer down. The sow kicked and ran down the hill falling within 10 feet of the first one. The hunt was over by 6:30 AM, but the work was just starting. It took us a little over an hour to pack the pigs up the hill to the ranger, with a small detour around a bee hive, and a small break to take care of a 30 inch rattle snake that did not like us on his mountain. Boy did we show him who was boss! We were back to the trucks by 9:00 and they were on the road back to the city with a ice chest full of carnita meat. These guys were great hunters and very helpful in packing the pigs out of the canyon, true sportsmen. Another short hunt but we were thankful to be out of the hills before the thermometer broke 100 degrees.



This morning I guided Ken Loberg from Biggs, California. We met at 4:00 AM and headed up to the ranch. I had a good idea where we would be able to catch some pigs leaving the wheat and heading to bed so off we went. We were set up by 5:00 and were awaiting legal shooting light. At 5:15 I looked down towards the wheat field and a lone boar was making his way up the trail that would lead him into a path of destruction if he did not stray. As the boar neared he switched trails and made his way up the other side of the canyon making for a 350 yard shot, but Ken was confident that he could make the shot count. As the boar crossed in front of us I whistled to make him stop while Ken leveled his .300 Win Mag and touched the trigger. The boar crumbled and fell dead on the trail. As we were celebrating Ken's great shot we sat and watched as another lone boar and then a group of 4 sows with piglet's walk up the same trail and right past their fallen comrade. There was alot of action this morning and some times it is neat just to sit and watch all of the pigs as they make there way from feeding to bed. We ended the morning seeing roughly 30 pigs and we were out of the hills by 7:30 AM. Ken was alot of fun and I hope he will be back for another hunt soon.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I guided first time pig hunter Dan Ridley. We started the morning on a high vantage point trying to catch some pigs coming back up out of the wheat field. We sat in the first area for 20 minutes without seeing a thing so we headed North to see what we could find. As we were driving up the hill we saw a group of 4-5 pigs moving across the flats, headed up into the hills to bed down for the day. The chase was on as we tried to get ahead of the pigs and set up before they got into the brush, but they ended up eluding us, never to be seen again. We then continued North hoping we could still catch some pigs out before they bedded down for the day. As we crested a big ridge a group of 10 pigs crossed the road and we jumped out of the ranger and followed after them. When we got into the open the pigs were 100 yards out and on the move. One well placed shot from Dan's .257 Weatherby and he had secured his first wild pig. The boar weighed roughly 150 pounds and is headed to the taxidermist for a shoulder mount. I had alot of fun with Dan and he has already booked a spot for the opening day dove hunt, and another pig hunt for September. Another great hunt and another happy client.


Sunday, July 11, 2010


This evening I had the pleasure of guiding Matt Rowland, of Fairfield on a wild pig hunt. We met at the casino at 6:00 PM and were at the ranch and up on the hill by 7:00 PM. We began glassing towards the wheat field and all of the draws leading down into it looking for a target. At around 7:30 PM, Matt asked me what time do the pigs usually start coming down to the wheat? Before I could answer him I looked up and saw a nice sized boar heading down the trail right towards us. The stalk was on! We grabbed our gear and headed down hill to intercept the boar as he watered at the pond before heading out into the wheat to feed. We slipped down the hill and got set up for Matt to take the shot. I ranged the boar one last time at 126 yards and Matt squeezed the trigger. The boar dropped dead in his tracks, never even knowing what hit him. Matt made an excellent shot and the rest is history. He is a great kid and a very accomplished hunter for his age. I hope we will see them again soon.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today I guided Jim and Mark Gillman from Yreka on a pig hunt. We started the mornings hunt on a high vantage point on the North end of the ranch. 10 minutes into legal shooting light we spotted a group of 6 pigs leaving the wheat field and heading towards us. The pigs did as they were supposed to and came right down the trail in front of us. The pigs were moving quickly and at 200 yards the shooting began. There were a couple of very close calls but none of the bullets hit their mark. As that group scampered up the hill I looked back down towards the wheat field to see another group of 4 pigs headed right up the same trail. I told the guys to reload as we had more targets on their way. This group came up the exact same trail and once again they would not stop and the bullets flew but none connected. At this point it was already getting hot so we headed down the hill, strapped on the snake chaps and decided to take a walk down the creek that borders the wheat as it still has alot of water and shade in it. When we reached the trees along the creek the wheat field exploded with pigs and Mark was able to head shoot a nice sized meat pig for the BBQ. We only ended up with 1 pig but we sure did see alot and the boys got to sling some lead. This was Mark's first pig and he assured me that it would not be his last. These guys were great guys and I hope to see them again soon.

On another note somehow in trying to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer the photo was lost so all you get is the story this time. Sorry guys!