Saturday, December 31, 2011


This morning I did not have any client's so I took Regina and Big Shot out for a hunt. We got into the blind and almost immediately the action started. There were tons of sprig flying and every once in awhile something else would sneak in with them. The birds flew pretty steady and we ended the hunt with 18 birds for the 3 of us. It was a fun hunt and it is always nice to get Regina out to the blind for a good shoot.


Friday, December 30, 2011


Today I guided Miguel and his 8 year old son for ducks. We got into the blind right before shoot time and there were quite a few birds flying. There were tons of sprig flying, but not many other birds. We poked away at them and ended up scratching together 13 birds for the 3 of us. We should have had a few more, but that is how it goes some days.



Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today the weather was a bust so we switched our focus from ducks to pheasants. I did a 20 bird plant for Randy, Brad, Ken and Landon and they had a blast. Out of the 20 birds the guys ended up killing 13. It was alot of fun watching the dogs work, and it beat the hell out of staring into the blue sky looking for ducks.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today I guided Dick and guest for ducks. The weather was clear and calm but there were a few birds flying. We poked away at the birds and ended up killing 14 for the 3 of us. Not a bad shoot for another sunny day!


Saturday, December 24, 2011


Today I guided Paul and Miguel on a duck hunt. It was clear and calm again but I was optimistic as the refuge would be shooting. At first light the refuge began shooting and within 30 minutes the sky was full of birds. We were all having a case of the bent barrel today but we stayed after it and ended the morning with 14 birds. We should have had 3 limits but just couldn't get it done today. It was another good shoot for the weather that we have been having.


Friday, December 23, 2011


Today I guided Dan, Cam, Bob, and Corey for ducks. We got to the blind and the whole pond was frozen so I broke up the ice and waited to see what would happen. The hunt started out slow with very few birds flying but as it warmed up a few birds started working and we made the best of it. We ended the mornings hunt with 19 birds and should have had 6-8 more. Not bad for a clear, calm day!


Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today I guided Chuck on a duck hunt. We got into the blind and had a 15 MPH North wind and birds were flying all over. The bulk of the birds flying were sprig but we stayed at it and would get a group of widgeon to follow in the sprig ever so often. We had a good shoot and ended the hunt with 10 birds, and should have had our 14. It was another good shoot.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today I guided Jeff and Adam Fischer for ducks. We got into the blind and there were alot of birds flying as shooting time neared. Right at legal shooting light the birds started coming in and the guys started killing. It was fast and furious for the first hour and then the low fog blew in and all of the ducks stayed above it. We stuck it out hoping the fog would lift but by the time it did the birds were done flying. We ended the hunt with 13 birds. We should have finished with 3 limits but we just could not catch up to the teal as they were dipping and diving.


Monday, December 19, 2011


The North wind was blowing when I got up this morning so we headed down to the Davis Tule to give it another try. When we got to the blind it was evident that the ducks that were around yesterday had disappeared but the geese were flying and we poked away at them. We ended the morning with 6 specks, 5 snows and 4 ducks. Not red hot but it was pretty damn good for a quick morning hunt.


Sunday, December 18, 2011


The clients cancelled last minute so I figured I would head down to the Davis Tule and see what was going on down there. I wasn't expecting much as the weather was some low fog and it was dead calm but boy was I wrong. The hunting was fast and furious as balls of teal and wigeon sucked right into the decoys. It wasn't long and we were limited out. We ended the morning with 21 ducks, and 3 cacklers.


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today I hunted with Max and guest. They had purchased a hunt that we had donated to the Valley Waterfowl dinner last year. I had expected the North wind to blow through the night, but instead it died and we had clear skies and zero wind. We got into the blind and waited to see what the morning would bring. The flight was pretty dismal but we poked away and ended up killing 10 ducks, and should have had a few more. For the weather that we were dealt it was a pretty good hunt.


Friday, December 16, 2011


Today I guided Les and Phil for ducks. We got to the ranch and had a lite North wind blowing and had high hopes. The hunt started out slow but picked up as the morning went on and we ended up having a great shoot. We ended up with 19 ducks and 1 speck for the morning and should have finished up with limits had we not let a few get away. It was another good hunt!


Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today I hunted with Kent and Dave from Sportsmans News. We are working with them to film some of our hunting and fishing adventures and then turn them into a DVD. The hunting was pretty slow for the first couple of days that they were here but turned out pretty good on their last hunt. The hunting wasn't fast and furious but we did manage to get 16 ducks and a speck, before we had to get out of the blind. It was a good hunt and we got some great video footage.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today I guided Bill and Tom for ducks. The weather was clear and calm but as the refuge began shooting a few birds started working our way. Slowly but surely we scratched away at them and by 11:00 AM both Bill and Tom had their limits. It was not fast and furious but it was good enough! Hopefully this is the end of the rut that we have been stuck in for the last 5-6 days.


Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today I guided Rhy's Panero and his family  for ducks. The hunting was slow with the pathetic weather that we are having.The highlight of the day was when Rhy's Jr. bagged his very first drake mallard. It came in picture perfect and he smoked it!



Today I did a 20 bird pheasant plant for Rick and Chris Bailey.We met at noon and unloaded my trusty pointer Toby and went to hunting. Toby is a blast to watch work and he did great as usual, putting up all of the planted birds as well as a few wild ones. Both Rick and Chris had a great time and managed to bag 10 birds for their Christmas dinner. The bulk of today's entertainment was when Toby and the local raccoon population had it out. It was a hell of a fight but Toby came out on top.


Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today I guided Chris and Corey for ducks. As sson as we got to the blind we sat and watched as wave after wave of birds left the rice and headed back to the refuge. It was apparent that with the clear nights and the full moon the birds were feeding all night long. As soon as shooting light came around the flight was pretty dismal but we stuck it out and ended up killing 9 ducks. By 10:00 AM the flight was done, so we packed up and headed into town for breakfast. It was not fast and furious but it's about all we can ask for with the current weather.


Friday, December 9, 2011


Today I guided Chris and Corey for pigs. We hit the hills at first light and hunted our butts off all day long. With the clear nights and the full moon the pigs had gone nocturnal but we stayed after them and finally caught a break. Right at last light we spotted a small group of pigs and Chris was able to get the job done. He made a great 1 shot kill, hitting the 150 pound sow right behind the ear. It was a long day in the hills but we got the job done. There is a ton of fresh rooting all over the ranch but we need a change in the weather to keep them out during the day.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I guided Bill and Bob today for ducks. The weather was clear, calm and cold and we were not expecting too much but the hunt turned out good. Fortunately Bill and Bob were on their A game when it came to shooting and they were able to scratch out their limits. We ended the morning with 2 mallards, 2 teal. 2 widgeon, 2 sprig, 5 spoons, and a trophy sized merganser! It wasn't necessarily quality but in weather like this I will take it.


Saturday, December 3, 2011


Today I guided the Jamie's for ducks. We got into the blind before shooting hours and watched as wave after wave of ducks headed back into the refuges after feeding all night. That is never a good start to the morning but the guys stayed optimistic and at legal shooting hours we went to work. The morning started out slow but there were a few birds flying and the ones that were came to the call. The guys were shooting really well and at 11:30 we called it a day. We ended up with 21 ducks on the strap today and the majority of the birds were mallards. We had alot of fun and the guys all got to shoot a couple drake mallards of which they had never shot before. Hopefully the hunting will stay this way throughout the remainder of the season.



I guided Derek and guest today for ducks. The morning started off pretty slow but as time went on the birds started to fly. Again, there were tons of pintail and we made short work of them. Then we would just sit and wait for some other ducks to join the party. We poked away at the birds and ended our morning with 12 ducks and 3 geese. Not the best hunt of the season as far as quantity of birds goes but I would take 12-15 birds all season long and be happy!


Friday, December 2, 2011


I guided Dan, Chuck, and Bob today for ducks. The wind was blowing and the birds were flying. Again,it was mostly sprig but we would pull in some other birds now and again. We poked away all morning and called it quits at 11:00 PM. We ended up killing 16 ducks and a pair of honkers that made a nice addition to the strap.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


I took Ed and Vann out for ducks this morning. We got to the blind about 15 minutes before legal shooting hours and there were quite a few birds flying. At legal shooting light we started poking away at them and although it took longer then expected we ended the morning with 19 ducks for the 3 of us. The majority of the birds that were flying today were sprig, and we sat and watched as group after group worked the decoys. It sure would be nice if they would up the limit to 3 sprig again!!



Today I guided Ken and Andy for ducks. The wind was howling and I figured it would be red hot, but it ended up being slow and steady. There were not alot of birds flying but the ones that were seemed to be listening well. We hunted until 11:00 AM and ended the morning with 18 birds. We had our sprig, a few widgeon and the rest were mallards. It was another good hunt and we all had a blast.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

11-30-11 (PM)

This afternoon I guided Vann and Ed for ducks. We got to the blind around 2:00 PM and it wasn't long before the shooting started. Right off the bat the sprig started to work and before long the guys both had their sprig on the strap. For awhile all that was working were sprig but we finally got a pair of widgeon to commit and the guys killed both of them. As the afternoon went on the mallards started to fly and the guys poked away at their limits. Ed was the first to tag out and Vann only needed 1 more duck. It was right down to the wire but we got another single mallard to come in 2 minutes before the close of hours and Vann smoked him. It was a great afternoon hunt and the guys ended with a quality strap of birds. They had 4 sprig, 2 widgeon, and 8 mallards! You have got to love the North wind!!! 


11-30-11 (AM)

Today I guided Bill Gesler and guest for ducks. We got to the blind just before shooting hours and were fogged in. I could hear the ducks above the fog and knew it was just a matter of time before the fog got blown out by the North wind. The wind finally got kicking around 9:00 AM and it was a free for all. There were birds coming from all directions and they guys were doing their best to knock them down. We finished up with 21 birds at 10:30. Hunting in the bird North wind is always a good time. I will be back at it tomorrow and the weather man says it will be another WINDY day! I can't wait.


11-30-11 (AM)

Today I guided Glenn and Chuck for ducks. We got to the blind 20 minutes before shooting time and could hear birds in the air but could not see them through the thick fog. As it neared legal shooting time the North wind started to pick up and a clear spot developed above us. Right at legal shooting time we had a pair of sprig come in and the guys nailed them both. Before the dog could get them both back to the blind we had 3 widgeon drop in and we killed them all. Shortly thereafter a pair of widgeon dropped in and the guys smoked them to. It was fast and furious but we were soon fogged in again and the waiting game began. Every time that a hole would open up in the fog the birds would start funneling into the field and we would put the smack down. By 7:15 we had 19 birds but got fogged in again and had to wait until 7:45 for our last pair of birds. It was a great hunt and nothing short of fast and furious. Hopefully the trend that we have going will continue!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today I guided Brad, Joel, and Derek for ducks. Unlike yesterday, the weather was a socked in Tule fog. As soon as we got to the blind we could hear birds but it was just to thick to see. As the morning progressed we started killing some birds and poked away until we finally had our limits at 12:00PM. It was by no means fast and furious but a great shoot none the less. We ended up with 28 ducks and 2 specks for the four of us. Today the predominant bird on the strap was widgeon. They are calling for 30MPH North winds tomorrow so we will be back at it again!!


Monday, November 28, 2011


I had to go out and move a bunch of decoys so I called my buddy Derek and suckerd him into a quick morning hunt and then helping me with the decoys. As we got to the club it was clear and still, perfect duck weather? As we got to the blind and shooting hours came there were birds all around us and they were responding to the call well. By 8:30 we had 14 ducks and 2 specks and were ready to begin the chore of moving decoys in the stomped field. Today was the attack of the gadwall and we ended up with our 4 sprig, 8 gaddys, and 2 widgeon. As we were moving the decoys the sprig just kept on pouring in. It looked to me like the last few days of fog have moved some birds into our area. The ducks are not skinny so they must have just come from other parts of the valley ahead of the fog. Hopefully the good hunting will continue from here on out.


Sunday, November 27, 2011


The clients cancelled last minute so I grabbed Regina and Big Shot and we headed out to see if we could kill some birds. The hunting started off slow as we never even fired a shot until 7:30, but things changed quickly and we ended up having a great shoot. The fog was very thick as the day started but as it began to lift the birds started coming from all over the place. We ended the hunt at 11:00 AM with 21 ducks. The majority of the strap were big ducks and they were working great. It was a great time in the blind and I hope the 3 of us can hunt again together soon. We all had a blast!!


Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today I guided Dick Bradshaw and guest. We again went to Packer Rd., and had a pretty good shoot. The weather was a low fog but the teal seemed to be flying and we took advantage of them. We ended the morning with 11 ducks and should of had 8-10 more birds but they managed to zig when we zagged. It was a fun hunt and hopefully the hunting will continue to improve.


Monday, November 21, 2011


Today we did not have any clients so I went on solo mission. I headed out to Packer Rd. and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. I was all alone so I took my time and ended up killing my limit of ducks and 1 speck. It has been pretty slow for the last week and hopefully this hunt was a sign of good things to come.


Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today I guided Michael and Matt for pigs. We headed up to the ranch and started our pursuit but all we were seeing was old sign so we made a loop back towards the truck to go and try a new area. As we were headed down the hill I looked over and spotted a group of pigs feeding on the ridge just above the truck, go figure! We quickly put a plan together and the stalk was on. As we crested the last ridge I spotted the pigs feeding a mere 75 yards away. I got the guys together and they picked out their pigs. Just as I was getting ready to do the count down I felt the wind hit my back and the pigs started to move so Michael took his shot and his aim was true, dropping the 120 pound sow in her tracks. The rest of the pigs started to move off and crested the ridge before Matt could shoot. It was getting late and Michael wanted to get his pig to the butcher so we got it skinned and they hit the road. It was a good hunt and would of been even better had that damn wind not swirled. But that is hunting, and mother nature. You just never know what is going to happen!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today I guided Eric and Jermey for ducks. We again headed back to Packer Rd. and it was game on. With the refuge shooting today the birds were really moving and we did our fair share of shooting. We finally called it quits at 10:30 AM with 10 birds. We had alot of birds come in today and alot of birds fly off unscathed. The guys shot 3-4 boxes of shells between them and had a great time. Hopefully the hunting continues to be this good, but I am sure that all good things must come to an end. Until then we will stay after them.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today I guided Larry and Carl again for ducks. We went back to Packer Rd., and again had good shooting. The hunt took a little longer than yesterday but the guys managed to get it done again. It was another good hunt and I will be back at it again tomorrow.


Monday, November 7, 2011


Today I guided Larry and Carl Lynn for ducks. Our rice blinds finally have some water so we headed over to Packer Rd. to see if there were any birds. For a sunny day the flight was very good and in the matter of a couple hours the guys had limited out. It was another quality hunt with mostly big ducks.


Saturday, October 29, 2011


Today I guided Chuck White and guest for ducks. We hit the field early and got all set up and ready to kill some birds. As soon as legal shooting light hit we had some birds working and killed a couple before it slowed down. It was not slow for long and the birds seemed to be coming back slowly but shurely. We picked away at our limits but were only able to end the morning with 10 birds. However, it was not for lack of birds! We should of had limits for the 3 of us but we all seemed to have a case of the bent barrel today, if you know what I mean!!! It was another great hunt, with good clients.


Saturday, October 22, 2011


Today I guided Jeff, Jenny, and Alan for ducks at the wetland. We got to the field early and got all set up and awaited legal shooting hours. At first light there were birds all over but as fast as it started it slowed down. The birds seemed to be very wary for opening day but we stuck around until 10:00 AM and managed to end the morning with 16 birds. Although the hunting wasn't red hot it sure felt good to be in the duck blind again. I am looking forward to another great season.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today I guided Wayne Poe and friends for Salmon. We hit the Feather River again and the bite was on, however, our hookup to land ratio again sucked. Today we hooked a total of 15 fish only to land  4. The fish were all hooked on flatfish in the swift current and they just did not want to stay on the hook, but oh well that is how it goes some days. It was another great day on the water with alot of excitement.



Friday, October 7, 2011


Today I guided Dan Todd and his crew for salmon on the Feather River. We launched at Vance Ave. and headed up stream. We had not been fishing for a minute when we hooked the first fish but it was lost at the boat. The trend of hookup and then lose the fish continued all day but we eventually ended up landing a few for the box. We hooked a total of 13 fish today but only managed to boat 4. All of the fish were hooked on flatfish and roe. It was another great day on the water with alot of action.


Friday, September 30, 2011


Today I guided Lee Shropshire Jr. and Fred Howland on a pig hunt. We met in Colusa and headed up to the ranch. Upon completing the necessary paperwork we headed to a high vantage point over looking the wheat field to see if any pigs were still using it as a feed source. As it got lighter I was sure that there would be pigs in the field but I just could not find any. After 10 minutes of staring into the field I finally spotted a large group of black dots in the center of the field and it was game on. I figured that the pigs were going to head east, given there current location so we loaded up in the ranger and drove around to the other side of the field to try and cut them off. As soon as we had driven through the gate and into the wheat I looked over at 80 yards and there they stood. We could only see the tops of their backs because they were in a small depression so the guys got into the back of the ranger and used the roll bar as a rest. On the count of three gun shots broke the silence but nothing fell. The pigs took off across the field and by then the boys were warmed up and shooting straight. Lee was the first to drop one and Fred was not far behind. Both of the guys ended up with small boars in the 125 pound range. This was just what they were looking for as they wanted meat for the freezer. The hunt was short and sweet, as we had the pigs loaded into the ranger and headed for the skinning shack before the sun was all the way up. Both of these guys were a pleasure to hunt with and I hope to see them again in the future.


Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today I guided Rick Sr. & Rick Jr. for salmon. We hit the water at 9:00AM and headed back up stream to where we had fished a few days ago. Within minutes Rick Jr. was hooked up and had the first fish in the box. We made a couple more passes without any bites so we headed further up stream to see what we could find. We saw very few fish on the sonar and very few rolling but we kept at it and caught a fish here and there as we worked our way down stream. We ended up hooking 7 fish and landing 4 today. The biggest landed was a 30 pound buck caught by Rick Sr. and Rick Jr. hooked into an even bigger one that we lost right at the boat. It was another great day on the water and I am sure that there will be a push of new fish soon.


Monday, September 26, 2011


Today I guided Rick and Estelle for Salmon. Again we launched at Ord Bend at 9:00 AM and headed up stream. We got to the first hole and immediately it was fish on. Pass after pass we were hooking fish, and within no time we were limited out! The fishing was so fast that after Rick and Estelle had limited out I went ahead and caught a couple for myself. Today all of the fish were caught on roe and in great shape. I had all 6 of the fish cleaned and the boat back on the trailer by noon. It was fast and furious, now lets just hope that it stays that way!!


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today I guided Rick, Nolan, and George for salmon. We all had things to do in the early AM so we headed out at 10:00AM to see what we could catch. We launched the boat at Ord Bend and headed up stream to see what we could find. The first couple of holes were not holding any fish but as we made our way through the next run it was fish on. George was the first to hook up and the others followed in quick order. We fished from 10:00-3:00 and then called it a day. We ended up hooking 8 fish today on roe and managed to land 5 of them. All of the fish were small jack salmon but they fought like champs and they cut beautifully. The meat was bright colored and firm, fresh from the ocean. It was a great day on the water and I think I may just continue to fish bankers hours for the rest of the season!


Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I guided Carol Miller on a salmon trip and Andy came along for the ride. We hit the water at 7:00 and made our way up river. We stopped at the first hole and within seconds of the lures going into the water it was fish on! Carol hooked the fish and within minutes he was in the net. The fish was a ten pound jack salmon but we were happy to have him. We made a couple of more passes in this hole as I was marking fish but they had lock jaw so we moved on. At the next stop Andy got a bite and caught another jack salmon. I did not see many fish in this hole so again we headed up stream. At the next stop we started up high and worked our way into the hole. Just as we got to where the run tailed out Carol's rod went down and it was fish on. Right of the bat you could tell it was no jack as it was stripping line off the reel. Carol fought the fish for 20 minutes before we finally slipped the net under the 30 pound buck. As soon as we landed the fish we looked up to watch all of the other boats swarm the hole so we moved on. We went back down stream to the first hole that we fished today and within seconds Andy had one try to rip the rod out of his hand but he was a little slow on the draw and the fish got away with his bait. He caught alot of shit from both Carol and I but it was all in good fun. We managed to box 3 fish today and had a few missed bites. It was not red hot but we had a great time on the water. The fishing should only get better as the month goes on and I am looking forward to many more days on the water this season.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today I guided Tom, Maury, and Phil for Salmon. We hit the water at 7:00 AM and headed up to the first hole to see what we could find. We put on sardine wrapped K-15's and started back trolling, but as we went through the hole there were no fish on the screen so we headed up river. We checked a few other holes on the way up but did not find any fish until we got up around Stony Creek. As soon as we found fish we switched to roe and right off the bat it was fish on. We fought the fish for 15 minutes before slipping it into the net. It was a beautiful 20 pound buck and in the box it went. We headed back up and made another pass. As soon as Phil's bait hit the bottom he had fish on! The fish put up one hell of a fight and soon enough he had the fish in the box. We made a couple of more passes and came up empty so we moved on. At the next stop we hooked another nice fish and had it in the box quickly. We began fishing our way back towards the ramp as it was getting hot and the guys did not want to bake. We hit a couple more holes and got a few more bites but missed them. We ended the day with 3 salmon in the 17-25 pound range. The fish are fresh from the ocean and the meat is as bright red as I have ever seen. It was a great day on the water and these guys have already booked another day in October, so you will be seeing them again.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


The salmon run has finally returned on the Sacramento River. We have been fishing out of Ord Bend and although the fishing is a little slower than up around Chico the boat pressure is minimal. I would rather catch half of the fish and not have to deal with all of the other boats. It just makes for a nicer day for all. We have been averaging 3-5 fish per day with several other hook ups that just don't make it into the boat. One day the fish will hold and the fishing is great and other days the fish are moving and you have to try and stay in front of them. Either way we are catching salmon again, but some days are better then others. The water flows should be coming down soon and the fishing should improve as more of the fish should slow down and start to hold in the holes. We still have plenty of availability through October so give me a call and we can get your trip on the books!!


Monday, September 5, 2011


We have gotten through the dove opener and again it was a success. I would like to thank all of you who came out for the annual dove opener and I hope all of you had a great time. The dove hunting was a little slower than usual as the birds were very spread out this year due to all of the alternative feed sources. The hunting in the morning was just mediocre but the afternoon shoot was excellent. Most of our hunters finished up with limits of birds or very close to limits. It was another fun hunt and I look forward to seeing you all again next season. Thanks again!!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Dove season is almost here! Book now to make sure that you do not get left out. It looks like it is shaping up to be the best season in years.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today I guided Bill Brown on a pig hunt. I met him in Colusa at 4:30 AM and we headed up the hill to try and fill his tag. We checked the wind and decided to go check out the north wheat field, however, today we accessed it from the west side. We parked the ranger at 5:00 AM and took off walking to try and get into position before the pigs started to leave the wheat field. About 10 minutes before legal shooting light we watched as 2 different boars walked past us and up into the hills. We sat tight with our eyes glued to the wheat field when I noticed a big boar working his way towards us. I checked the clock and it was legal shooting light so Bill got on the sticks and ready to shoot.The boar was coming closer and looked as if he was going to use the trail right below us to get through the creek and then bring him right below us. We lost sight of the pig and figured he would be right in front of us in minutes, however, we watched in dismay as he came back out of the creek and headed the other direction. We tried to get a shot but the boar had other plans so Bill and I took off after him. We had gone about 100 yards when I looked out into the wheat and saw another group of pigs headed straight for us. I got Bill set up on the sticks again and he tried to pick out a pig that he wanted. There were 3 nice sized pigs in the group so Bill got on the back one and took a shot. The bullet sailed over the pigs back and off they went. The biggest of the group ran out to about 200 yards and stopped broadside giving Bill another shot but this one went high as well. The pig then turned and went into the creek and we set off to see if we could catch it. We spotted the pig again but this time he was out in the wheat and running south. We took off in that direction to see if maybe he would slow down but he never did. As we were walking back towards the ranger we spotted another group of pigs about 500 yards in front of us but we just couldn't close the gap and had to watch as the pigs headed up the hill and into the brush. We finally got back to the ranger and loaded up and headed to see if there was anything still out in the south field.  As we got high enough to see the field I spotted a lone boar making his way up into the hills on the East side of the field and knew there was no hope of catching him so we headed up into the hills to see what else we could find. We had gone about 5 miles when we came over a ridge and spotted a lone pig feeding in the flats. I stopped the ranger and within seconds Bill had the pig in the cross hairs and put the smack down. The shot was true and we were soon standing over a 80 pounder that will be great for the BBQ. Bill had wanted to get a good boar for the wall but we just did not have a chance at one today so he booked another trip in October to see if we can find one then. It was another great hunt and I am already looking forward to the next one.  


Saturday, July 30, 2011


This morning we were back at it with the boys from Reno. Both Travis and Chad had yet to get a pig so Andy took them and headed to the south wheat field, while Andrew, Scott and I headed to the north field to take a look. Andrew had another tag and was looking for 1 more pig while Scott was just along for the ride. We walked out into the wheat field just like we had done the previous morning and within seconds I had spotted some pigs running around in the wheat. We took off in hot pursuit but as we climbed to the top of the knoll we spotted 3 different groups of pigs headed up towards the hills. They must have smelt us as the wind was swirling and the gig was up. We headed back towards the ranger and just as we got to it we heard all hell break loose in the south field. Andy called minutes later to let us know that they had 2 pigs down and we called it a morning. We headed over to the guys to give them a hand and get the story. Andy said they had no more than got to the top of the hill when he could see pigs moving around in the wheat field. He knew that they were headed for water so they snuck down the hill to try and cut the group of pigs off. As soon as they got into position the pigs came up and over the dam and that is when the shooting started.Travis and Chad's first shots were at a couple of 150 pounders but they did not connect. Meanwhile a couple of nice meat pigs in the 60-70 pound range walked out and just stood there so the boys pulled down on them and let them have it.  Both shots were good and they were soon standing over some of the finest eating pigs that they will ever eat. All in all it was a great hunt and all 4 of the Reno crew were able to harvest a pig. You can't do much better than that. These guys are regulars and already talking about the next trip.