Monday, April 20, 2015

Schoolie Stripers

Launched at Ward's this morning and headed South working our way down stream dragging minnows. The first couple of spots were un eventful but we started getting into fish just below Lovey's landing and stayed on them all morning. We caught several shakers and a box full of keepers, but other than a couple of wads of fish not a ton of action. We called it quits early and the guys headed home for fish tacos!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Striper's on the worm!

Art, Missy and I hit the water this morning searching for a worm bite and we found some! We launched at Ward's Landing and headed north. At the first stop Missy hooked into a nice 12 pound hen and after a quick photo shoot we set her free and got back to fishing. We were getting bit each pass and from the reports of what was happening down stream I elected to stay put and am glad I did. We ended up keeping 4 nice males and let a few go. Not red hot but we had a lot of fun and they went home with some good eats!~  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ranch Work

This is what I have spent most of the spring doing! When not on the water and not chasing pigs I've been cutting and welding to beat hell!! We had put cattle on the ranch for the first time since the fire and had to have a working set of corrals in order prior to May 1ST. Needless to say it was a tedious time consuming project but it had to be done and it turned out great! The corrals will still be standing long after I am gone!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Striper time!!

Today was one of those days where you cant go wrong! At each and every stop we made we were getting bit on the minnows! Some missed fish, some lost fish, some shakers, and plenty of keepers!! All of our fish today came on minnows and the guys had a blast ending up with a box full of keepers for the table! It was a pretty wide open bit and the first time that these guys had ever experienced the action that these hard fighting fish can provide. Good times had by all on the water today!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Striper scouting!

The kids were at the in laws so Regina and I decided to hit the river this evening and do a little scouting for stripers. We launched at Ward's and headed downstream making our first stop at the Fox Hole. The river looked good and before to long Regina had Fish on! After a short battle she landed a nice keeper for the box. We continued working our way down stream and caught a few shakers and a couple pike but not much to write home about. I decided to head back up and hit the Fox hole again right before dark and it proved to be a good call, landing 5 more keeper sized striper and missing a few more bites! Not bad for a quick scouting mission.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools Day Pigs

This morning I hit the hills with Robert and Tim in search of pigs. We had no more got to the first gate from the cabin and I spotted a group of pigs feeding in a flat, so we put a quick game plan together and made our move. The creek allowed us to stay down low and out of sight as we closed the distance and when I thought we were close enough we came up over the rise and had them at 50 yards. The pigs had no clue we were there and the guys got set up and ready to take the shots. On the count of 3 they both fired and to my disbelief nothing fell!! The pigs took off up hill and out of sight but were confused at where the shooting came from and headed back down hill towards us. Robert settled in and took the shot sending one of the pigs squealing into the brush while the others scattered! We opted to leave the hit pig for awhile and went to find another for Tim. From along ways away we spotted a lone boar working his way uphill and I thought I knew where he was headed, so off we went. We got to an open hill side where I figured we would spot the boar, but no matter how hard I stared through the binos I just couldn't turn him up. We then headed back down hill to see if he had stopped short and sure enough we found the old warrior feeding in one of the flats. Again we were on foot and in hot pursuit!! It didn't take long to close the distance but as we neared the flat the old boar figured something was wrong and headed down the draw. The next time he popped out in a clearing he was 250 yards and I stopped him with the old coyote howl and Tim touched one off. It was an incredible shot at just over 250 yards, free handed he hit him right in the back of the head dropping him in his tracks!!!

The easy part was done, now we had to figure out how to get him out of the roadless canyon which proved to be quite the ordeal but after a few hours the trophy lay in the back of the ranger! The old battle scarred boar was loaded with cuts, scars, and split ears. He definitely had ruled the ranch for quite some time. We eventually made it back to the first pig and after a short tracking job, Robert was standing over a 150 pound boar, perfect for eating.

The guys had a great time and assured me that they would be back!