Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quinn's first goose!

Regina and I took Quinn this morning on a waterfowl hunt to try and get her first duck or goose! We got into a blind and there were quite a few birds flying but as hard as I tried I could not get them to set up right to get Quinn a good shot. With her shooting a .410 we needed them perfect and they just wouldn't do it! I finally got a speck to come in feet down and she let him have it! The feathers flew and he buckled but caught himself, so I batted clean up and she was soon holding her first speck! She did a great job in the blind and was very cautious and safety minded! She had fun and as the season goes on I am sure she will get some birds of her own!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Afternoon wood ducks

I got an invite from my buddy James to bring Cade out for an afternoon wood duck hunt in the flooded corn and I couldn't pass it up! I picked Cade up from school and we made our way out to the sink. It was clear and 70 degrees but as we approached the corn a bunch of birds came out of the corn and headed back towards the creek. Within minutes we were in the blind and ready to shoot. Slowly but surely they woodies started coming back and after a few missed opportunities Cade got it together and started putting the smack down. He had 6 birds on his strap and as hours drew to a close he whiffed on a single drake that would have gotten him his limit. He had a great time and I can't thank James enough for the opportunity.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Egg Eater Down!

While out checking water this morning I came across this coyote out in the rice. A short talk with my .17 Fireball and he will no longer be eating any of my baby pheasants or ducks! I do my part any chance I get to control the predators that are on our properties!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hunting with Billy G

This morning Regina and I had the pleasure of hunting with living legend Billy G! We had a great time harassing Billy and he was even kind enough to give us a few duck calling tips from the pro! Billy is an absolute blast to hunt with and I left the blind with a hurting stomach from laughing so hard! I have attached a few video's from the mornings hunt for your enjoyment! The highlight of the day was when I let Billy try out my 10 Gauge, I guess it kicks a bit harder than his 28 gauge! We were only able to fool 3 mallards, but had a blast doing it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Afternoon In the rice!

This pic was text to me from some of our members on the Packer ranch. They had a great evening shoot in the weather! The ducks are out there for the taking so go get them guys!

Monday, October 26, 2015

The new Yamaha Viking got a facelift!

The 2015 Yamaha Viking got it's new shoes today and is officially ready for battle! A big thanks to Hillside power sports in Lakeport for getting us set up with our new rigs! If you are ever in need of a boat or ATV give these guys a call, they are great to deal with! 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Regina and the kids took to the field this morning!

I had to guide this morning and the kids weren't about to miss opening day so they talked mom into a quick hunt before they had to get to the soccer game. Regina, her father big AL, Cade and Quinn headed out this morning to get in a quick hunt. The hunting was slow as they were in a blind that had minimal water but at least they were out enjoying the morning! They manged to fool a drake mallard that just couldn't resists Cade's calling! They had fun and are looking forward to getting some shooting in when the season gets going.


Opening day is finally here!

It sure felt good to be in the blind this morning!! I had most of the same group that hunts with me every duck opener and they were excited for what the morning would bring as well! We got settled into the wetland blind and after setting out 4 dozen brand new Tanglefree super mags we settled in to await legal; shoot time. I knew this opener wasn't going to be like the last few as I had just not seen as many birds using the wetland. At legal shoot time there were birds here and there but they acted like ducks do at the end of the season and didn't want to listen! As the sun rose and shined on the decoys the birds began to work better and before long we were shooting! While the hunts wasn't fast and furious and didn't result in blind limits we had a great time and ended with a nice strap of mallards! The highlight of the day was when Drew out the hammer down on a single drake mallard that was packing jewelry! It was a great day in the blind and I am looking forward to see how the season progresses!      

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Another Stafford joins the ranks!

Our daughter Quinn asked a few weeks ago about getting her hunting license because she wanted to hunt ducks this season! Regina was quick to find a local hunter safety class and get her signed up. We spent Friday evening in the class and a full day Saturday before test time came!  Quinn knew the material and I knew she would be fine! She took her time and got thru the test and it wasn't until she turned it in that she began to get nervous! I felt bad for her as the waiting ensued but it didn't take long for the instructor to call her up and give her the good news! I couldn't be more proud of her!! Some may think I am nuts but I feel a great deal of accomplishment by having our daughter want to become a licensed hunter and carry on our long rooted family traditions in the outdoors! Right now more than ever we need the kids to join the ranks and make sure the hunting tradition lives on! Get a kid involved in this great sport before it is lost!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Keep a close eye on your dogs!

 Today while working in the wetland I had my dogs Cash and Brutus with me and they were running wild and having fun while I worked. I guess the puppy hasn't figured out how to keep the watergrass seeds from getting in his eyes yet! When I finished up what I needed to do out there I noticed Brutus had red eyes, upon closer inspection his eyes were loaded with seeds! I got as many out as I could but they were so deep I had to take him into the vet for removal. They knocked him out and went to digging, the bottom picture is what came out of one eye! The poor little guy is fixed up now and hopefully we won't have this problem again! Just a friendly reminder to check out your dog for problems after each day afield. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

It Never Fails!

Today was one of those days! It has been said many times in my life that if something can be broken, I can brake it! Headed down to the wetland this morning to check water and low and behold the leaf spring on my trailer snapped in half!! Until last year I had never seen one break going down the road but this makes #2 for me! A little oakie ingenuity with a couple ratchet straps and a 2x4 and I was back on the road, headed for Valdez Trailer repair! When I pulled in with it patched together even they scratched their head! Tip of the week... if your towing a trailer always keep a couple ratchet straps and a short 2x4 handy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tanglefree SUPERMAGS!

I ordered a bunch of Tanglefree Super Magnum mallards and pintail for the wetland blinds! The new decoys look great and appear to be well built! Spent the last hour in the garage un packing them and attaching the pre rigged, texas style weights. It was quick and easy making for a sweet set up! Now I better get them out of the garage and off of our gym rig before Regina kills me! A huge shout out to Tanglefree decoys for turning out a great product! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Getting the wetland dialed in for the opener!

Water is moving across the wetland! Spent some time today touching up the blind and opening up kill hole  around the blind! Can't wait to see the first greenhead of the season make a splash!

Friday, October 2, 2015

My #1 Target This Season!

I had this image sent to me today by one of our local CWA biologists who was out doing pre season banding work! This big beak is number one on my hit list! I've always wanted a banded spoon and now proof exists that there is one in circulation! I will be searching for this beauty come opening day and sure hope to have him feet down in the decoys this season!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Duck Seasons Coming

In an effort to make things easier on our hunters that stay at the trailer park we cleaned the barn out and did a little striping! Someone always seems to park in the worst possible place each year so we simplified things! Each space is now painted out and numbered...... hopefully this helps the daily confusion!