Friday, July 24, 2015

Blown Pump!

As we were getting ready for phase two of our willow tree plantings we had a little glitch! I had the pump running to get the ditch full so we could get water to the transplants quickly, but the pump had other plans! I had noticed a rattle in the pump the last time it ran and today it gave up! After a quick call to Beymer Well Service in Yuba City the crane truck showed up and the pump was pulled so we could assess the damage. The casing was rotten and the bowl had rusted completely off of the pump, leaving us with only one option, a completely new set up was needed. The guys at Beymer work quick and plan to have us back in action in a couple weeks so the trees will have to stay in the nursery for now!  

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Archery Deer Scouting

It's that time of year again! Finally we can take to the field in search of a buck worthy of the arrow, and any of you that are archery hunters know exactly what I'm talking about. Regina and I absolutely love chasing these velvet clad bucks with our bows and simply can't get enough of it! We drew some X zone archery tags for the upcoming season and are looking forward to the season opener! Here are a few photo's from our recent scouting trip to get the blood pumping!