Sunday, September 26, 2010


We began work on a Wetland Project on 9-14-2010, off of Harbison Road. For all of you who are familiar with our property it was the milo field in the past. We have taken the 40 acres out of production and are turning it back into a natural marsh land. The 40 acres has been laser leveled, swales cut and I am in the process of installing the drain pipes and transplanting tules. As soon as I get the tules transplanted I will flood the wetland and get some photo's posted. My plan is to transplant the tules this fall and then plant 1500 willow trees this spring. I will also be planting water grass and smart weed within the project so that the birds will have feed next fall. This project will take 3-4 years to make my vision come to life, however, when the trees are all grown up this should be a nice little mallard hole for our client's to enjoy. I will keep you updated on this project as we move forward.



Today I had the pleasure of guiding Kevin Cornish of Lafayette, California on a pig hunt. We met at the casino and headed up to the ranch. Upon completing all of the necessary paper work we were off to the races. Our first stop was a high vantage point over looking the flats where the wheat fields are planted. We glassed for 10 minutes without turning any thing up so we headed further into the ranch. We were headed down hill when I looked up and noticed a group of 5 or so pigs standing up the hill. We stopped the ranger and Kevin got out to take a shot , but the pigs had a different plan and they headed up hill quickly. We took off walking in hopes of getting another chance at them. As we crested the next little hill I immediately noticed a big boar walking right to us maybe 50 yards away. I grabbed Kevin and pointed at the boar, but he vanished as soon as he appeared (Strike 2). We continued to try and relocate the pigs that had eluded us but with no prevail. We then continued on and stopped at a little brush patch that always has a pig or two in it. I set Kevin up where the pigs were likely to try and escape and I circled back around to try and push something out to him. Within minutes of crawling into the brush I could smell a pig and knew that something good was about to happen. I continued moving through the brush when I heard a shot quickly followed by another. As I made it to the end of the patch I could see Kevin and he was all smiles, so I knew he had bagged one. We went over to take a look and I was surprised to see a 250 pound boar laying there dead. The pig had come out of the brush a mere 25 yards from Kevin and he hammered him. The boar had 2.5 inch cutters and looked like an old warrior with all of the scars on his back and his shredded ears. This was another great hunt, and Kevin was alot of fun to hunt with. Maybe next time Kevin's buddy who was supposed to come on this trip will be able to make it, and we can kill a pair of old scrappers.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We had an excellent dove season this year, probably the best that we have ever had. The shooting was continuous through out the entire season with limits shot almost every day of the season. After the opener we had groups of 2-4 hunters almost every day, and the guys had great success. We were rotating where we shot each day between the safflower, the foothills, and a cut wheat field, allowing each ranch to rest for a couple of days between hunts. I believe having the ability to move around really helped us this year. It is always nice to have good dove hunting, to keep the trigger finger warmed up for the up coming duck season.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


The opening day dove hunt was another success. Although the hunting was not as good as it should have been due to the cold snap the week before, we still managed to do well. The guys in the safflower field shot good in the morning while the foothill ranch was a little slower. Most of the guys in the safflower limited out in the morning and half of the guys in the foothills did as well. After the BBQ lunch the guys who did not get their birds in the morning went back out and finished up making the day a great success. Out of the 50 hunters 42 shot their limits of birds, while the other 8 guys left with 6-8 each. We look forward to this hunt every year and are already planning for next season. I would like to thanks all of the guys who came and hunted with us, you guys are what makes this hunt so much fun.